26 Jan
  • By Calli Zeilenga
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Dear OFA, Can I resubmit x-rays for my dog if I’m not happy with the results of my first submission?

The answer is yes! The OFA will re-evaluate an animal’s radiographs as often as the owner likes. There is no “waiting period” before submitting new x-rays. However, the re-evaluation must be based on a new set of radiographs. The OFA will not re-evaluate radiographs that have already been evaluated.

In addition, it’s important to remember that the grade resulting from the most recent evaluation is the one that will stand; in other words, if your dog got a Fair on its first hip evaluation and gets a Mild on the second, the Mild is the official OFA grade. If your dog got a Fair on first evaluation and a Good on second, the Good is the grade that will stand.

The OFA is also not able to evaluate radiographs taken prior to those that have already been evaluated.