orthopedic foundation for animals
06 Apr

NEW Advanced Cardiac Database

OFA announces its new ADVANCED CARDIAC DATABASE. For more information please see the announcement on the OFA’s homepage at www.offa.org. The new database results in a two-tiered clearance, one for congenital disease (permanent), and one for adult onset disease (valid for 1 year). Exams are limited to boarded veterinary cardiologists. The exam forms are triplicate forms similar to the eye exam forms, and will be available from the examining cardiologist. http://www.ofa.org/pdf/ACA_Announcement.pdf

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patent definition
14 Mar

OFA Testing Labs & Patents

Another comment we often hear from callers is that “OFA likes” a particular lab and we take test results only from that lab because we like them. OFA doesn’t have a preference for any one lab over another—we’re happy to do business with all of them. The reason OFA accepts results only from one lab for a particular test is because that lab (or university, etc.) holds the patent on that test, and is the only lab that has a legal right to use the test, unless they license rights to another lab.

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american kennel club dna profile
09 Mar

DNA Testing at OFA

OFA frequently gets calls from people who want to get a DNA profile done on a dog for identification purposes, such as when clearing by parentage. Often people don’t understand that the DNA test kits OFA has available to test for genetic disease are not the same as the swabs that are done for identification.

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cardiac database application
16 Feb

Applications via email

OFA occasionally gets an overnight package that holds cardiac, patella, eye or other soft tissue applications. OFA also gets phone calls asking if we accept these applications via email.

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