akc new grant
08 Sep

Thyroid Disease — New Grant

Thyroid disease has long been a common concern in many breeds. In partnership with the AKC Canine Health Foundation and one of the nation’s leading endocrine labs at Michigan State University, the OFA is funding a new grant that will address thyroid disease in dogs. As with so much canine health research, this project has […]

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OFA Canine Health Information
20 Jul

Be Informed About Your Puppy’s Health

An informed puppy buyer will naturally ask the breeder of a potential new family member about the health testing the parents had before the litter was born. But before you buy a puppy, be sure to check the OFA website to verify the health test results that the breeder has given you. Testing is breed […]

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cardiac database application
28 Jun

Application Forms

Almost all of the forms required for OFA testing are available here on the OFA website, but we often get calls from people wondering why the CAER form (for eyes) or the Advanced Cardiac form that are not on the website. Both of those forms come in triplicate, which of course you know if you’ve ever […]

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