cardiac database application
28 Jun
  • By Cindy Blue
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Application Forms

Almost all of the forms required for OFA testing are available here on the OFA website, but we often get calls from people wondering why the CAER form (for eyes) or the Advanced Cardiac form that are not on the website.

Both of those forms come in triplicate, which of course you know if you’ve ever had an eye exam done. At the end of your dog’s visit to the eye doctor, the veterinary ophthalmologist keeps the pink copy for his or her records, all yellow copies periodically get mailed to OFA for research purposes, and the owner mails the white copy to OFA for certification. (It’s always wise to make a copy of the white form before you mail it, just in case it gets lost!)

Naturally, since they are in triplicate, these forms can’t be printed off of the website. The new Advanced Cardiac form is the same. All of the ophthalmologists have the eye forms available in their offices, as do the board-certified cardiologists who perform the Advanced Cardiac exams. Even when you go to a clinic the forms will be made available by the veterinarians doing the exams.