Add a Photo to enhance your dog’s OFA Record!

The OFA is pleased to add the ability to display a digital photograph on each dog’s OFA web page.

The fee for this service is $10. All of the revenues collected (100%) are allocated to the CHIC DNA Repository and used to underwrite DNA extraction and storage fees for dogs with significant inherited diseases. What a great way to proudly display your dog, its health screening results, and support canine health research in the process!

Guidelines and Instruction for Submission of Digital Photographs

We will only accept digital images via direct upload on our website.

Make sure your photo is:

  • In one of these formats – .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • No larger than 200,000 bytes (200kb)
  • Of the specified dog, and of course in good taste
  • Is not in violation of any copyright agreements (see note)

We reserve the right to reject any photograph submitted which is not in compliance with these guidelines.

The easiest and fastest way is to have a digital photo of your dog, a web browser, and a credit card. Review the policies and guidelines below. The upload process starts at the bottom of this page.

Copyright Policy

Please be advised that any photographs taken by commercial photographers, including dog show photos, are typically protected by copyright laws. The following show photographers have graciously granted the OFA permission to display their photographs for the purpose described above:

  • Ashbey (PA)
  • Nutting (NY)
  • Cook (OR)
  • Booth (MI)
  • Tatham (NH)
  • Rinehart (AZ)
  • Callea (WA)
  • Sosa (TX)
  • DiGiacomo (MD)
  • Gerity (MD)
  • Rodwell (CA)
  • (OH)
  • Tucson PawPrintz Photography (AZ)
  • Brian Brixon (TX)

If submitting a photo by a photographer not on this list, please verify with the photographer that the purchase of the photo grants you the rights to use the photo on the web or in publications.

Optimizing your Photo for your Dog’s Record

There are several steps you can take to optimize the photo of your dog you submit to the website. Photos submitted to the OFA site must be:

  • The correct dimension (a maximum 250 pixels in either direction)
  • The correct memory size (200k or under)
  • In *.jpg, *.png, or *.gif format

If photos are submitted at incorrect dimensions or are too large in memory, they will be rejected.

This page will also provide tips to showcase your dog well on the OFA site.

Size and format

Your photo needs to be 250 pixels or less in dimension. For landscape photos that would be 250 pixels wide. For portrait photos that would be 250 pixels tall.

Resizing of photos can be done in many programs. Some digital cameras come with resizing software. Microsoft products all come with a program called Paint which can resize photos. Photoshop LE, Photoshop, etc. can also be used.

If photos are sized to these dimensions they will usually fall below 200k in memory size.

Jpgs can be saved at medium resolution and still look crisp and clear on the computer screen.

In general, *.jpg or *.png are the best formats for photos. *.gif files will have a grainy appearance.

Choosing a good photo layout

Obviously as an owner you want your dog to look its best on the OFA website. Choose a clear, focused, crisp photograph with lots of contrast. If possible, use your photo manipulation software or scanner to crop directly to the dog.

If you do not crop to the dog, he may be lost in the background. If you crop tight to the dog, he will be highlighted!