The OFA recommends owners release all test results to the public domain as it is in the ultimate health interest of the breed and the information greatly increases the depth and breadth of any resulting research and/or pedigree analysis. However, owners have a choice regarding the release of abnormal results.

Currently, all normal results from data submitted to the OFA are automatically included in the public domain. For abnormal results, the OFA provides owners the choice of reporting information in the public domain. If you would like ALL results included in the public domain, please check the appropriate box on the application.

If your animal previously received an abnormal result and you would like to release that information to the public domain, please complete the form below. If your animal received an OFA certificate, there is no need to change the status.

Please print, complete, and sign the following form. The completed form may be mailed, faxed (573-875-5073), or scanned and emailed to Application to change to Public Domain.