Follow-Up Submissions for Hips and Elbows

In an effort to generate further aggregate long term follow-up data, the OFA is offering a resubmission service.

Similar to the OFA’s preliminary consultation process, Follow-Up Studies will only be read once, by the OFA’s board-certified in-house veterinary radiologist and owners will be sent a report with the findings. The results from these “Follow-Up Studies” will not alter or risk the earlier official OFA consensus reading on which the animal may have received a hip/elbow number. The fee for this service is $15.00.
To submit, simply follow the normal OFA hip submission process, and clearly write the words ‘FOLLOW-UP STUDY’ at the top of the application.

The primary benefits are twofold:

  • The OFA will generate additional information on changes in hip status over the lifetime of the animal
  • Owners will benefit from the same information without risking the earlier rating assigned by the OFA.