Test Type Age Fee Litter Rate * Kennel Rate **
Hip dysplasia > 24 mo $35 $90 $15 ea
Elbow Dysplasia > 24 mo $35 $90 $15 ea
Hips + Elbows together > 24 mo $40 $90 $15 ea
Hip Prelims 4- < 24 mo $30 $60 $15 ea
Elbow Prelims 4- < 24 mo $30 $60 $15 ea
Hip + Elbow Prelims together 4-24 mo $35 $60 $15 ea
Eye Certification Registry, New submission1 No Min Age $12 $30 $7.50 ea
Eye Certification Registry, Resubmit1 No Min Age $8 $30 $7.50 ea
Legg-Calve-Perthes2 > 12 mo $25 $45 $15 ea
Shoulder OCD > 12 mo $25 $45 $15 ea
Shoulder OCD + Hips &/or Elbows together > 12 mo $5 extra No additional fee No additional fee
Thyroid3 > 12 mo $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Cardiac3 > 12 mo $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Advanced Cardiac Database > 12 mo $15 $30 $7.50 ea
DNA Registration fee (any)3 any $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Patellar Luxation3 > 12 mo $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Deafness3 (Dalmatians see note below) any $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Sebaceous Adenitis4 > 12 mo $15 $30 $7.50 ea
Multi-Registry Discount5 $7.50 each test
The following notes apply to the asteriks and footnote symbols noted within the fee schedule.

* Litter Rates: Three or more members of the same litter, submitted together

** Kennel Rates: A group of five or more individuals, owned/co-owned by the same person, of the same application type (hip, eye, cardiac, etc), submitted together

1: Non-Passing Eye exam results submitted to the open database are processed at no charge.

2: Evaluation fees for dogs determined by the OFA to be affected will be refunded. If the dog has an existing hip dysplasia certification, a Legg-Calve-Perthes certification is at no charge upon the submission of the Legg-Calve-Perthes From Existing OFA HD Number form.

3: Equivocal and Affected dogs no charge. Resubmit studies no charge.

4: The OFA does not charge a fee to enter abnormal SA results (the fee is refunded to the owner), or to enter resubmitted results on previously tested clear or equivocal dogs. A number of owners have assumed that the OFA policy not to charge on resubmits applies to the laboratories as well. This is not the case. Please note, the laboratories/dermapathologists charge a fee every time they process a new sample.  Please consult the lab prior to submission for their current fees.

5: Three or more soft tissue applications submitted together on a single dog (example: Cardiac, Patella, and Eye applications on single dog submitted together) *Note – this discount does NOT apply to any applications requiring radiographic evaluations. 

Dalmatians Deafness Note: The OFA will continue to register BAER Hearing Test Results for whole Dalmatian litters at no charge until further notice. The fees are being underwritten through a generous grant from the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation.

Canadian/Foreign Funds Policy

For OFA customers outside of the US, please use one of the following methods of payment. Payments must be made in US Dollars.

  • Checks or money orders drawn on US financial institutions (*checks made out in US Funds drawn on Canadian Banking Institutions are NOT accepted due to the increased processing fees. Many Canadian Banks maintain offices within the US. If the checks are drawn on a US branch, those checks are accepted).
  • Postal money orders.
  • Visa or Mastercard. Please provide us with the credit card number, the expiration date, the three-digit security code, and the name as it appears on the card.
  • For international wiring instructions, please email the OFA at ofa@offa.org.

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