To participate in the DNA Repository, complete the application and submit it to the OFA. You will receive the appropriate swab or blood collection kit in the mail. The Health Survey portion can be completed online, printed, and mailed to the OFA at the address below.

Directions for submitting DNA sample via Cheek Swab:

  1. Before collecting sample, make sure that the animal is not chewing any food. If the animal has been eating, let it drink water, or wash its mouth with water.
  2. If taking samples from multiple dogs, sample ONE at a time and complete the process to avoid any cross contamination of the DNA samples.
  3. Four buccal swabs are included in each kit. You may split the collection into multiple sessions. Remove the brush from the envelope and brush the inside of the animal’s cheek, or brush the gums. Rub firmly for 5 to 10 seconds, but take care not to injure the cheeks or gums.
  4. Wave brushes in the air for several seconds to air dry before inserting them back in the labeled brush envelopes.
  5. Place the bar code label pre-printed with the dog’s registration number on the brush envelope in the blank area to the left of the instructions.
  6. Place the samples in an envelope and use the pre-addressed label for UC Davis. If submitting multiple samples, repeat steps 1 through 5 for each dog independently, taking care to avoid any sample cross contamination and using the correctly labeled envelopes for each swab. All the samples may be mailed back together.
  7. Complete the health survey for each dog, and send it to the OFA using the OFA mailing label provided. The health survey is a critical part of the repository. The samples are of little value without the corresponding phenotypic history and genealogy. If there are any significant health changes for this dog in the future, please email the OFA at with an update.

Thank you for participating in the DNA Repository.

Mailing Address for Cheek Swabs:
UC Davis
Veterinary Genetics Lab
PO Box 1102
Davis, CA 95617

Mailing Address for Health Surveys:
2300 E Nifong Blvd
Columbia, MO 65201